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Calling all smokers. A dream ticket for two to Paradise Island - for all of you!

Sorry to remind all you died in the wool smokers but November was Lung Cancer Awareness month. But no don't click away spare a couple of moments of your time, please ..

If challenging words on packets wash over you, let me place the financial case to you for quitting. As well as feeling healthier I can provide you a holiday for two on Paradise Island in the Maldives, for two, for each and every year of your longer life!!

OK, I know you don't think me. Let's explain.

Say the average smoker is 40 and smokes 20 a day. With cigarettes at five a packet that is 1,800 a year. Then you will save loads on the expense of your your life, critical illness and health-related insurance coverage. Just how much was highlighted in a recent snapshot study by This identified that the typical smoker paid 56% more for life insurance than a non-smoker. Discover further on this related use with by visiting visit link. For that reason, giving up could simply save you 50 per month on your a variety of insurance coverage premiums.

So as a non-smoker you could be two,400 per year greater off. Wearing a economic hat I can show you that if a 40 year old man place these savings into a personal pension strategy with NFU, then at 5% per annum development, he'll have a healthier retirement fund of 97,860. On retirement that could give an in the pocket tax-cost-free sum of 24,465, plus an annual lifetime revenue of 3,830 (or five,100 per year if the tax-free cash was left in the pension).

On the other hand let's have much more enjoyable!

For two,400 you can have a 5 star ten day holiday for two on Paradise Island in the Maldives. Give up smoking forever and you could afford to go back to Paradise Island each year!

QED makes you believe does not it?. Identify further on our partner website by clicking return to site.

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